For a while now I’ve been meaning to explore a way of protecting wings from damage whilst sat around my office and also in transit. The poor mini tyro had a Wot 4 aileron servo horn go through the wing covering, which was the last straw!

I had a bit of a google and found that a lot of the commercial wing bags seem to be bubble wrap with sort of tinfoil material sandwiched in. Ā Thanks to a few people on a friendly forum this lead me to a roll of material from Homebase which is offered as thin insulation. For use in tight spaces, behind radiators and the like. So off to the local DIY stores it is then! I struck out at Homebase but did stumble across this stuff at Wickes.

Out of the one 8 meter roll I’ve managed to make bags for: an Acro Wot, Wot 4, Cambrian P51 (25 sized funfighter) and of course, the mini Tyro.

I was warned gaffer tape didnt stick very well, so took the opportunity to grab a roll of what was sold as cloth tape.

I simply measure out two rectangles for the two sides of the wing, then joined them together by running tape along three edges. To strengthen the exposed edges at the open end I also wrapped tape over each side so there are no exposed edges.

Sliding in a wing with aileron servos sticking out requires a little care to ensure the horn or control rods don’t snag inside of the bag.

Total cost to protect the four wings was about 15 for the material and 5 for the tape which has loads left for next time. Ā For me an hour and 20 quid to protect four wings in storage and in transit is well worth it!