I got a bit of time today and managed to maiden the P51. It was not a completely uneventful flight, but she is back in one bit, only missing a prop blade.

After a good launch from a club mate I had to add quite a bit of left and a smidgen of down trim, but from there she flew well. Until…. I was bringing her round for a lowish pass when a wing dropped, I lost all control authority and in she went. I heard a loud crack as she went in, so off I trotted fearing the worse!

I have to say, two of the things I’ve read about these models now stick in my mind as known facts:

  1. They are built like the proverbial!
  2. They like a bit of airspeed.

Suffice to say when I got over to where she had ’landed’ I found no damage at all apart from a missing prop blade. A thorough look over and check of all equipment suggests that, yes, the only damage was the prop. Am currently thinking I got away pretty lightly!

So, next time remember: keep the airspeed up!