A little while ago we noticed that our toddler was showing an interest in the fish tank at a local library, I’ve always fancied an aquarium so it was decided we should get a little one for home.

After speaking to a couple of friends who are very seriously into keeping fish and chatting to a local fish specialist I decided to buy a 48 litre starter tank. I was advised that much smaller could be an upkeep nightmare and anything much bigger started to push the budget!  The model we went for was a Interpet Fish Pod 48l which we bought from the local supplier.

It came with a heater, pump, lights and a little thermometer. All we needed was some gravel, plants and of course fish!

The picture over there is of the finished tank all setup and filled with water. I was advised to leave it like this, without fish for a couple of weeks before going to get some ‘hardy’ fish at first.  So now we wait for a little while before we go and get some fishes!