So I finally got round to flying this, it was a short and eventful flight! I knew it was a little tail heavy but , but only 1/4" or so behind the indicated CoG on the plan. I figured it might be a bit of a handful but with the large elevator I thought I would be able to manage it. How wrong I was, quite an exciting minute or so followed after a hand launch eventually ending her coming in hard from about 20’ up.

Amazingly the damage was slight, the planked cowl I took so long over was smashed, the prop had gone and the motor mount had sheered off the firewall. One wing had a chunk out of the LE and a couple of the fuselage longerons had suffered. In all honesty I could have repaired it, perhaps I should have repaired it, but I decided to rip out the electronics and bin the airframe.

It had annoyed me ever since I noticed I’d built a banana of a fuselage and then to compound it my dodgy wire bending left it with a wonky undercarriage. She was a wrong ‘un from the word go!  The poor thing sat around my office getting bumped around whenever it was in the way; very much un-loved, so now its gone. Onto the next thing!