I quite often used to find myself wanting to print from my iPad, so when Apple announced AirPrint I thought things were looking good. According to the press release you would need either a HP printer or you could print to a shared printer on an existing mac. Sorted, I’ve got the latter of those, things were looking rosy.

Things took a turn for the worse when I read that they had pulled support for printing via shared printers and were only going to allow AirPrint to certain (at the moment only HP) printers.  I wanted the feature, but not enough to replace my trusty Lexmark (Broken link ~~http://www.lexmark.co.uk/lexmark/product/home/369/0,6970,252735_796629346_1190270321_en,00.html?tabId=1~~).

Luckily there are people like this guy on the internet who took the time to figure out how it works and have since published a nice simple guide about how to setup a Linux box as a AirPrint server. Mainly thanks to Cups and some Avahi magic.

Sorted! And I’ve used it sufficiently to think spending an hour or so setting it up was worth while.