Earlier this evening we were discussing visiting Oxford again. Both of us have fond memories of a nice roast lunch in a pub we accidentally found up near there on a previous visit. Hmm, what was the pub called? No idea. Hmm, where exactly was it? No idea. Bugger..

I had a vague memory of taking a picture of the enormous Yorkshire pudding served with the roast, hmm what are the chances I took it with my iPhone, and what are the chances of it being geotagged. Loading up the photo gallery app on my phone I switched it to the ‘places’ view of the camera album and started to zoom in around Oxford. Bingo, there was the picture of the Yorkshire, precisely geotagged. A quick google with the name of road and The Fishes turns up. It’s nice when technology helps.

Just in case you were wondering, the Yorkshire looked like this: