[]({{ “/uploads/2010/09/Sun-console-cable.jpg” | prepend: site.baseurl }})Whilst tidying up the other day, sorting through 3 boxes of general IT related crap; including more USB and Firewire cables than I care to think about, I came across this old Sun console cable. I have memories of carrying this around everywhere with me, from Telehouse in docklands to the old Exodus Communications datacentre in Park Royal. I was never without it, because I never knew when I’d have to serial into some Sun server to fix it or get a newly purchased one built and installed. It was made for me by a nice chap in the Exodus NOC, I had clearly popped into to ask to borrow theirs just one too many times when he set about soldering one up for me.

I threw all the old USB and Firewire cables, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw this away, so I’m keeping it. Of course the only PC I haveĀ doesn’tĀ have a 9 pin serial connector on it and neither do either of my Macs, and I expect new Suns don’t use the old 25 pin serial anymore either, so it will almost certainly never get used again.

[]({{ “/uploads/2010/09/svuxsune450_01.jpeg” | prepend: site.baseurl }})

Next time I stumble across a E450 needing some TLC tho, I’ll be prepared!