So I want a toner cartridge, I go to dabs and search for it. Their search works well and I find it easily. I note it is priced at £70.00 which is a fair price and free delivery is available, so in the basket it goes.

Once clicking on checkout I’m given the options of checkout or paypal checkout. I’ve not got a credit card to hand so I choose paypal checkout.

Next I’m asked to login to my account, which I do.

Whereupon without warning I’m redirected to BT Business Direct, woah! WTF, I was about to spend some money with Dabs direct, no mention of BT prior to this and I specifically clicked PayPal Checkout. And to add further insult to injury the free postage is now 2.98 and the price has risen from 60.87 ex vat to 67.89. No word of why either of these things happened is given.

I check around and this is still a fair price so I click checkout, but then instead of being asked for my paypal details I’m asked for a credit card number. Which I note they dont accept my business card of preference which is American Express.

There you go dabs, there was too many fails in that checkout process for me to have any confidence continuing. I’m off to spend 15 quid more on the same item in a real shop because you incompetence has scared me off.