My friend recently got an ATA133 card with this chipset on it. The full proc/pci entry looks like:

RAID bus controller: PCI device 1283:8212 (Integrated Technology Express, Inc.) (rev 17).
      IRQ 10.
      Master Capable.  No bursts.  Min Gnt=8.Max Lat=8.
      I/O at 0xdcd8 [0xdcdf].
      I/O at 0xdcd0 [0xdcd3].
      I/O at 0xdcc0 [0xdcc7].
      I/O at 0xdcb8 [0xdcbb].
      I/O at 0xdca0 [0xdcaf].

If you want to use this under linux you need to compile in the driver as detailed under the title **IT8212F

ATA133 RAID Controller** on this page (Broken link ~~ To compile up the driver you need to enable scsi in your kernel and link /usr/src/linux-2.4 (or linux-2.6 depending on kernel version) to wherever your linux source tree is. If you are using modules remember to modprobe both scsi and sd_mod.

You then put the created iteraid.o file into


making directories if you have to.