Weekend in Wiltshire



IMG_2394In the last few weeks before I was due to go back to work we had a little family break, first we popped down to devon for 4 days, then another few in Wiltshire on the way back. The weather throughout the holiday was perfect with lots of clear sunny days. Whilst in Wiltshire I couldn’t resist having a little fly of the Dynamic-S, which I don’t think I’ve flown since 2015! It flew, as ever, brilliantly. There wasn’t enough wind to venture onto the slope, but on the flat field at the top of the White Horse hill I had a lot of fun while my daughter looked on.

IMG_2408After waiting to patiently while I put a few packs through the Dynamic, we couldn’t resist putting a pack through our new RC car on the way back home.  The Dominus worked well on the gravel track, with the Daughter slowly getting to grips with the steering!






Paragliding in Wiltshire

a92722fc777811e28e7522000a1fbe50_7 I’ve had a bit of a rubbish weekend from a model flying point of view, it seems every time I go to fly events are conspiring to stop me. Firstly on Friday I managed to get some time in the afternoon to pop up to Bratton Camp, I was delayed by discovering a car fire on the way, then reporting it to the fire brigade and having to wait around until they turned up so I could give them a statement. Then I had to return home because I’d forgotten to take the pram out of the car, gah! When I finally got up to the hill I discovered 8 (!) paragliders in the air at once. When there are 1 or 2 of them up there, I’m happy to fly alongside them and aim for the gaps, but with so many up there at once I didn’t want to take the chance.

On Saturday morning I popped up the hill again nice and early, only to be greeted by what I think is the thickest fog I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t see the other side of the road from the car park! Oh well, maybe Sunday will be better.

The video below is of the Paraglider’s who were monopolising the hill on Friday afternoon.


30th December Geocaching

So, on our last day in Wiltshire for 2012, I had the morning to myself and lovely blue skies. Off up to Bratton Camp I went, only to find the wind wasn’t really in the right direction and it was averaging 20mph at the lip of the hill, peaking to 28mph while I was there. Bit too windy for my Phoenix or the Weasel! So I figured I’d kill some time picking up a few Geocaches on my way back home. I map all of the Geocaches I find here, but below you can see the ones I picked up on Sunday.