Avios Riff Raff

IMG_1519Always having a soft spot for the Sea Fury, I really took a shine to this Reno Racer scheme variant. Hobby King had an amazing discount in their Black Friday sale last year (2015) with this entire plug and fly aircraft reduced to only £60. Christmas was coming up so a word with SWMBO secured an early present.

I’m slightly embarrassed to say she is still sat in her box in the loft. I’d need to buy at least a couple of 6s 5000mAh lipos for her which I keep putting off. And then I read some of the commentary in RcGroups threads like this one, and begin to wonder if she is worth the effort. I’ll ponder some more over the summer, but she might find herself in the annual club bring and buy come the autumn.

If I had more space in the office I’d be tempted to hang her up, she really does look awesome!

Her page is here.


IMG_0654After picking up the indoor flying bug again and the demise of the LiddleRod I found myself with some indoor RC gear spare. Having had such a fond memory of the build of the previous two Stevens Aero kits I couldn’t help myself but to buy another one, this time the Vintage inspired Rockette.  Bought, as always from the ever helpful chaps at Micron Radio Control.

The build was, as expected, uneventful although covering with SoLite is always a bit of a chore. She flies very nicely around the gym after a little bit of fiddling with the radio. Initially only intent on turning left! But that, I think was my fault with a shonky rudder pushrod/hinge.

I’ve created a page for her here.

My Yacht

IMG_2562So this model came about thanks to my desire to have something to put on the pond while the kids are playing with their boats, (The Sea Nymph and the Sea Rover). I’ve long fancied trying a sailing boat but didn’t fancy committing the time to build one, neither did I fancy buying a new all moulded one.

Over Christmas of 2014, I spotted this old Vic Smeed design on ebay, it looked nicely built, had a little motor onboard in case of emergencies and was listed as collection only in Southampton. As it happened we were spending New Year in Wiltshire that year, so I figured if I won the auction I could drive home via Southampton (it wouldn’t be much of a de-tour would it now!?) and pick it up. The bid went in, I won the auction and the sailboat was mine for £45. Happy Days.

I’ve created a page for it in the boats section here.


Blade 500 3D

IMG_1401-2And another model which highlights how rarely I’ve been updating the blog. I bought the Blade 500 3D to replace the 450 3D, fancying something a little larger.

Having flown it for nigh on three years I was pondering a flybarless heli to replace it, when Mat at my club offered me his almost new Trex 500L Dominator with a nice case and a bunch of packs for what was a bargain price. That settled it then, the 500 3D went on ebay and the Trex came home with me.

For historic reasons I’ve created a page for the Blade here.

A new boat for daddy

IMG_1561While we were up at Shuttleworth for the May Fly, happily flying the Hurricane and the Sparrowhawk I took the time to browse the stalls for interesting things. It wasn’t long before I happened across this Pro Boat Blackjack 29 cat. It looked awesome and immediately I found myself thinking of a reason not for it to come home with me. It contained all the running gear; prop shaft, motor mount, steering servo, rudder etc. Just lacking a motor, ESC and batteries. So after a bit of banter a deal was done for an amazing price.

I have just recently ordered a water cooled motor and ESC and plan to use the same hardcase 5000mAh LiPos I now use in the Desert Fox. The plan is to have it up and running before the end of the summer, quite where I will run it I don’t know yet, but we’ll see!

I’ve put a page up about it here.

H.King Desert Fox

76294(1)So after explaining in a previous post that the Neo Scorcher was no more, I thought it made sense to write a quick post about it’s replacement. The Desert Fox.

I was on the lookout for something fairly cheap (might have been a mistake), LiPO powered, brushless and 4 wheel drive. I think Hobby King had just launched this at an amazing price so a purchase was made with the funds free’ed up after the Neo sale. I bought a couple of hard case 5000mAh 2s packs and installed the receiver recently removed from the same.

Its a lot of fun, fast as hell, powers over all sorts of things that tripped up the tamiya and seems tough enough with moderate jumps and the general rough and tumble of being bashed around by a 6 year old.

Tamiya Neo Scorcher


Since my last update we have bought a new car, sold it and bought a newer one. I thought I’d bung a page up for the little Neo Scorcher despite it now having been sold, just for reference. It was a fun little car but we kept finding it getting stuck in relatively small obstacles, so we moved onto a brushless, LiPo powered monster – the HKing Desert Fox. Anyway, the page for the Neo Scorcher is here.