Couple of new Lego sets

42028_Webfiles_SECIMG2Over the few months a couple of new Lego sets have come into the house. First the latest Lego Ideas set; the Birds, these are amazing creations, looking more like ornaments than Lego. We’ve built only two so far, only the Robin remains to be built.

Next up is the Lego Technic Bulldozer, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Technic building range and this was a nice edition. It is proving to be robust enough for the kids to play with constantly without bits falling off, so we all win 🙂


Lego Mini Hogwarts Express (40028)

We bought this set a while ago. I don’t like keeping piles of paper manuals around the place and normally manage to find a PDF copy online somewhere. With this one though I’ve had no luck, I did find some evidence that it was hosted on but it is now returning a 404. So I figured I’d scan mine, you can download that here. I’ve included the entry for this set below.


Lego Series 8 Minifigs dot codes – updated

Only one so far, the Diver, number 6.

1. Evil Robot with a laser gun.
2. Conquistador with a rapier.
3. Lederhosen Guy with a pretzel.
4. Cowgirl with a brown lasso.
5. American Football Player with gold trophy.
6. Diver with a harpoon.

7. Downhill Skier with skis.
8. Businessman with newspaper and suitcase.
9. Fairy with wings and a wand.
10. Santa with sack.
11. Vampire Bat with bat wings.
12. DJ with a disc and a disc case.
13. Red Cheerleader with red pom poms.
14. Actor with a skull.

15. Pirate Captain with gold cutlass and hook.
16. Alien Villainess with a laser gun.


The Lego Olympic minifigs were an absolute must in our house, they will eventually end up being displayed along with the other minifigs in our old type drawer. But until then they are proudly displayed on our mantelpiece with a Union flag behind them.



Olympic Minifig dot codes


We were trying to get the entire set of these at the weekend so I had a bit of a hunt around for any sites listing the dotcodes for them, sadly I couldnt find anything so we took a punt. Out of the 9 we bought we ended up with 2 duplicates, although when I inspected the packets more closely at home I should have spotted them as duplicates. Oh well! Listed below are the dot codes for the ones we found:


We just received the Boxer, so I’ve updated the image below to reflect that

Update 2 – 2012-0707

Thanks to James in the comments for pointing out the Hurdler is in fact a Gymnast.

Dot codes

Worth mentioning these are all looking at the back of the packs, the line down the middle represents the middle of the packet (where the colour change is).
1. Archery
2. Boxing
3. Gymnast
4. Judo
5. Tennis – Missing
6. Weight Lifting
7.Runner – Missing
8. Swimmer
9. Jockey

As you can see some are blank, I dont yet have those!