Tiling, gah

IMG_2478I don’t know quite why, but I decided to tile the horrible downstairs bathroom. I’ve never done tiling before so it was a case of learning on the job. Things I wish I’d considered before I started:

  1. Choosing a ‘brick’ pattern means more cutting, and more fiddling around at the corners.
  2. Choosing a bevel edge tile makes grouting much more effort.
  3. Choosing a really small room for your first attempt isn’t wise.
  4. Choosing a room with a pitched ceiling means lots of cutting awkward angles. See 1!

Oh well, its done now. Onward!


EPC – Energy Performance Certificates

So in the UK to sell a house you need a EPC, this is a little certificate that takes some bloke 10 mins to produce, im not kidding the guy was in and out of my house in less than that. The charge seems to be anywhere from £40 right up to £100! The only bit that ends up on the property details is this bit:


Which I doubt anybody looks at, I’m certainly not going to pass up the house of my dreams because some dude in 10 minutes considered it to be a G. And I can probably guess that single glazing and gaps around the external doors aren’t the best at keeping the warmth in.

The full version that nobody ever sees contains some useful info like that shown below. Seriously who needs this shit.


So using the bottom estimates and assuming the savings are correct that is 38.7 years and I’m in profit, or using the top estimates that is 75.9 years and I’m quids in.


I’ll write a cheque for 40k – Come 2088 I’ll be fucking laughing, oh yeah.


A little while ago we noticed that our toddler was showing an interest in the fish tank at a local library, I’ve always fancied an aquarium so it was decided we should get a little one for home.

After speaking to a couple of friends who are very seriously into keeping fish and chatting to a local fish specialist I decided to buy a 48 litre starter tank. I was advised that much smaller could be an upkeep nightmare and anything much bigger started to push the budget!  The model we went for was a Interpet Fish Pod 48l which we bought from the local supplier.

It came with a heater, pump, lights and a little thermometer. All we needed was some gravel, plants and of course fish!

The picture over there is of the finished tank all setup and filled with water. I was advised to leave it like this, without fish for a couple of weeks before going to get some ‘hardy’ fish at first.  So now we wait for a little while before we go and get some fishes!