Diamond Demon build – part 9

dsc_9604Well, I’m pleased to say that after 8 months she is finished! Weighing in at 550 grams gives me a little under 100 watts per pound, so that should be plenty for a little vintage model. I took her over to the flats today for a maiden but it was a bit too windy for me to want to chance it.

I’ve sort of fallen out of love with it over the months, it was a struggle to push myself to finish it. The covering was the final annoyance, the Litespan not shrinking enough for some of the curves, and then after I added the blue trim to the front of the fuselage I ran out of balsaloc. Being too tight to buy a new tub just for a few strips on the wings and tail I ended up painting those, which moderate success!

I’m pleased I’ve finished before starting on the next one, I don’t want to end up with a few unfinished models hanging around the place, beside which, I’ve got no space for the ones that are finished as it is 🙂

I’ll write some more once she has flown.

Right, NEXT!

Diamond Demon build – part 8

 Spot of progress this week, I’ve all but finished the covering. Just the front most curved section below the motor and the centre section of the wings to go. I’ve some acetate on order to glaze the windows and then she is done. The tailplane and fin are now glued on, the elevator is all hooked up and the closed loop wires are run through the fuselage ready for me to connect the rudder. After that I’ll need to install the ESC and solder the connectors to the motor and she is finished.

I am still pondering about coloured trim, I think I’ll finish her first then have a go at adding some colour.


Diamond Demon build – part 7

Tonight I tackled the wings, covered with antique coloured Litespan. The tips were a bit of a challenge and I might yet cut them back and do them in smaller pieces. Other than that I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. Colour trim to go on later I think when the whole airframe is covered, the truth is I’ve not chosen a scheme yet!

Diamond Demon build – part 6

I’ve just noticed that in part 5 of this build I was wondering where 6 weeks went, well now four whole months have passed since I made an update about the poor Demon. Between a first birthday of our daughter, Christmas and putting our how up for sale, time has gone by in a flash.

Progress has been made however and things are looking good. The fuselage is done and the servos installed, I’ve yet to put balsa infill where the closed loop and pushrods will exit, but the rest is finished and sanded. The tailplane and fin are done and sanded, awaiting covering. And lastly as you can see, she now has wings. Built as per plan with the exception of the 1/64″ ply covering the centre section. I added this to give some protection from the bands which will be used to hold the wings on.

I’m almost ready to start covering her up, just a wee bit of faffing about first. Couple of pics below, the rest are on this page.

Diamond Demon build – part 5

Blimey, where did 6 weeks go!? After finishing off the lads boat, I’ve now tidied up a bit and started on the Demon again.

As you can see, I’ve got the UC bent up and mounted and the former glued into the fuselage. That is probably it for tonight while the Epoxy sets. Tomorrow I’ll crack on with building up the front of the fuselage and test mounting the motor.

Diamond Demon build – part 4

Little spot of progress tonight, I got the cabin structure built.

And, although not pictured, I’ve built the upper rear fuselage formers in preperation for the upper longeron. I’m not sure how strong it will be, lots of but joints which I’m not too keen on. I’ll give it a go as per plan and then if it all feels a bit weak I’ll try and beaf it up a bit.

Diamond Demon build – part 3

Ok, so my life seems to be mostly consisting of triangles at the moment!

I managed to get the lower formers attached to the main crutch and have added the lower curved 3/16″ sq.

The tail skid at the back is cut off the laminated fin outline which is the first bit I made.

The last step for tonight was to assemble two cabin structures, one built on top of the other over the plan in the traditional manner. These will then be glued in place ontop of the fuselage crutch, then I can move onto the upper formers. Guess what shape they are? Yep, you guessed it, more triangles! Joking asside they are what gives this model the distinctive cross section I love so much.