Apple Aperture 3.4 update

So on the day of iOS6 Apple also released the 3.4 update to Aperture and osX 10.8.2. It seems if you apply all these updates, Aperture first updates your library, and then quits every time you load it. Brilliant, gee thanks Apple. why bother with actually testing software, you wouldn’t want to dent the 100 billion you have in the bank. Anyway, apparently it is something to do with the Facebook account info held within Aperture, you can zero this out by runnning the following at the command line:

defaults remove AccountConfigurations

This worked for me but Aperture no longer knew about my Flickr, or Facebook accounts. At least I got my photos back. Between this and iOS6 maps, this isn’t a great week to own Apple products.


AirPrint for iOS on Linux

I quite often used to find myself wanting to print from my iPad, so when Apple announced AirPrint I thought things were looking good. According to the press release you would need either a HP printer or you could print to a shared printer on an existing mac. Sorted, I’ve got the latter of those, things were looking rosy.

Things took a turn for the worse when I read that they had pulled support for printing via shared printers and were only going to allow AirPrint to certain (at the moment only HP) printers.  I wanted the feature, but not enough to replace my trusty Lexmark.

Luckily there are people like this guy on the internet who took the time to figure out how it works and have since published a nice simple guide about how to setup a Linux box as a AirPrint server. Mainly thanks to Cups and some Avahi magic.

Sorted! And I’ve used it sufficiently to think spending an hour or so setting it up was worth while.