Aerokits Sea Nymph


So… I accidentally bought a boat! The toddler loves boats and really enjoys watching the models potter around on a nearby pond, and I love building things so it felt like a natural fit to build him his own boat. The problem was, I like working in wood and most modern boat kits feature fibre glass or similar hulls. Then a chance chat with Peter down at 308 Hobbies introduced me to the Vintage Model Boat Company, who reproduce kits of some of the Aerokits model boats range from the fifties. Initially tempted by the simplicity of the Sea Urchin or perhaps the Sea Scout, I ended up ordering the Sea Nymph because of the more interesting deck/super structure area.

I created a few blog posts as I went along with the build, you can see those here, and some after it was finished about its life in our little fleet here.

As you can see she is now finished and has had several outings on the local pond, the lad seems to love her too, which is a bonus! There are some pics of the build below and videos of the first trials below that.

Build Pics


Sea Trials part 1

Sea Trials part 2

Onboard Roo

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  3. Shaun

    Hi, I acquired a small model boats quite a few years ago after my uncle pasted away, my aunty was going to throw it away so I saved it!! Ten years or so later I have dug it out of my garage and I’m pretty sure it is a Sea Nymph like you, it had a ic (model diesel) engine that I have removed as I’m going to install an electric motor and r/c (it was originally built with a rudder with setting so you just let it go, not sure it has ever been in the water) I was wondering what size motor and ESC you used?? Thank you

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