Diamond Demon

dsc_9604Updated the Diamond Demon page with the slightly sad news that it is still unflown. After the Sbach however I will get it ready for flight again having robbed its RX for another project.

4 thoughts on “Diamond Demon

  1. Hi Robin
    I was at the BMFA Nationals at the weekend and enjoyed the Frre Flight evening tremendously.
    The FF model that caught my eye turned out to be a Diamond Demon, or so the Guys on the Model Flying (RCM&E) Vintage forum tell me.
    I have decided I need to build one for next year’s FF evening so need to know where you got your plan from. So far I have only found the scaled down 34″ version here…
    I hope you can help me out.

  2. robin

    Hi Don, you are right, it is a very pretty little model. I bought my plan from Ben Buckle, which you can find here. They even do a 96″ version if you are feeling adventurous!

  3. Don Judge

    Hi Robin

    I have found several shops that do a kit for the 48″ version which I think I will go for. I have not built from a plan for many years so getting back there via a kit will have a better chance of success.

    1. What did you cover yours in?

    2. Do you have any pictures of the power and radio installation?

    Hope you don’t mind but I reckon I’ll be asking you some more questions before I have finished.


  4. robin

    Mine is all covered in Lightspan, and then sprayed Tamiya Acrylic for the blue. I haven’t got any pics of the radio installation. I’ll grab it out of the hanger (shed!) and take a couple of snaps for you.

    There are some errors on the plan, so building from a kit might be a better bet. I discovered a couple of things which don’t match, one former in particular is about 3/4″ short as drawn when compared to the side view if I remember correctly and you can guess when I made that discovery!


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