Phoenix 2000

September 2012

Nothing much to say about this so far, I bought it on a whim to keep in the Mother in Laws garage. She has very thoughtfully moved to Westbury and lives about a 5 minute drive from the White Horse (Bratton Camp) hill which is an amazing slope soaring site. Very kindly she lets me leave it in the garage between visits.

I’ve had about 6 flights with her so far, and am hoping to install the flap servos in the near future. I’ve the servos and a uBEC waiting, I just need to wait for the next trip down to the west country!

 December 2012

Few updates outlined in this post. In short: she now has flap servos, an sBEC and Multiplex connectors on the wiring.  The weather hasn’t been ideal, on one occasion I needed a good boot of throttle just to get her to fly forwards 🙂 Loads of fun to fly though!

July 2013

After a great many flights with the Phoenix, I decided I wanted something a bit more agile and nimble, because she is the glider I keep down in Wiltshire at the mother in laws place, I don’t want to impose any more than I already do so I limit myself to a single (well… ok, the Weasel might be there too!) plane in her garage. So the P2K had to go, replaced by the Dynamic-S!



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  2. […] averaging 20mph at the lip of the hill, peaking to 28mph while I was there. Bit too windy for my Phoenix or the Weasel! So I figured I’d kill some time picking up a few Geocaches on my way back home. […]

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