Parkzone UM Sukhoi SU-26XP


This is to be the replacement for my Kyosho Minium Edge 540, I enjoyed flying that aircraft a lot, but wanted something with a bit more go and also with rudder control.

It only comes in a Bind and Fly version, which until I made the move to 2.4Ghz meant this was a non starter. However earlier this month I’ve finally decided to make the switch, ordering myself a new Spektrum DX8. This means that the world of DSM and DSM2 compatible BnF aircraft is within reach. I first considered another Kyosho minium, but nothing much seems to have changed since the introduction of the Edge, they do a few more airframes, and sure, some have 4 channel but there isn’t anything which looked like it might be a good aerobat. Although having said that, this little Spitfire caught my eye, hmm, another day maybe! One other thing which put me off a little was the reliance on the supplied transmitter, its a nice enough TX in use, but for an aerobat having dual rates and exponential would be a bonus, things which my main radio could easily handle. Gah for radio incompatibilities!

It didnt take long reading reviews before I came across this little Parkzone Sukhoi, from what I’ve read and watched, it looks to be a winner. So thanks to the lovely people at the Kings Lynn Model shop, I have one en-route.

– May 11th 2011

 June 2012

Just a quick update on this, I’ve decided that the electronics in this are better off being donated to something else, mostly because this was too much of a handful for me to fly inside, but also if the weather is nice enough to fly outside I’ve plenty of bigger, things to fly. ┬áSo with all that in mind, I’ve bought a Stevens Aero LiddleRod.

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Horizon Hobby video

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