So I bought this model in November 2010 as a replacement for the Easystar. My requirements being it had to have ailerons because I had outgrown the rudder, elevator flying which the Easystar provided. It also had to be relatively transportable. After a lot of research I decided the Merlin was the model for me. I loved how despite it having a relatively short wingspan the wings and the tailplane are both in two pieces clipping together easily for flight. In only a couple of minutes it packs back into the box it came in which is small enough to fit on the parcel shelf of the car. I bought the ready to fly version which just needed a receiver adding. One advantage to the RR package is it even comes with a handy bag which the box fits in for storage and transportation. Having flown the pants off it for years it now is sitting mostly unused, I can’t quite bring myself to sell it but I have other aircraft which I prefer to fly when I get the time. It’ll likely go if I decide to have a clear out, but just writing this is making me think I ought to get it out and fly it a few more times :)