DB Mini Tyro

Airframe finishedMini build log here.

Something about the little Mini Tyro really appealed to me when I read the article so I figured I’d have a stab at building one. I had a (self enforced) deadline of the beginning of December because that is when our second child was due. Needless to say I missed this deadline and I’m now hoping to have her finished for Christmas. Hey ho, there is no real rush I suppose!

I used to have a DC Merlin which would have been a nice fit, but that has seemingly gone walk-about, Which left me pondering something to power her with, a chance conversation with Peter down at 308 Hobbies resulted in shaking hands on a deal for one of his ‘spare’ Indian Mills. Power plant sorted then, best crack on.

For those that are interested, I soldered up a little tin plate tank to give me a bit more duration than the in-built Mills one. The design of which was an exact duplicate of the one I put together for the KK Phantom earlier in the year.

I’ve a couple of Hitec HS-55 servos and a Spektrum AR600 receiver.

Update July 2014

Over the last 18 months or so I have had many enjoyable flights with the Mini Tyro, it is the perfect little aircraft for a calm summer evening. My current flying site restricts when I can fly IC so I am planning on replacing the Mills with an outrunner. I will update this page when I get round to it, which is right after I get the Sbach airborne!


Wingspan812mm (32″)
Wing Loading
Flying Weight
CG (percent of MAC)
Motor /  EngineIndian Mills 0.75cc
Speed ControlN/A
Flight BatteryN/A
ReceiverSpektrum AR600
Receiver BatteryOverlander 750mAh NiMH
Servos2 x Hitec HS-55
ControlsRudder, Elevator
ConstructionBalsa, Litespan

One Comment

  1. Phil Green says:

    Lovely, as are all your models Robin!
    Don’t you fancy flying the Mini-Tyro as intended, single channel on the button?

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