Guillows DHC-2 Beaver

dsc_1534For quite a while now I’ve pondered building a Guillows kit, they always look so nicely design and are good representations of scale subjects.  Having always liked the Beaver it was obvious which I was going to go for 🙂

The build went very well, I have a a gallery of the construction here. I covered it in tissue and spayed the white and blue on using Tamiya Acrylics, the black and the rest of the markings are the supplied decals.  It has come out quite heavy which meant it didn’t glide very well during the few test flights in the garden.  I always execpted I would enjoy the build more than actually flying it so it is now hung up in my office looking every part the Beaver!

All the posts I wrote during the build can be seen by clicking here. The pic on the right is of my finished model, awaiting test flights.


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  2. […] updated the page about the Beaver, it is now hung in my office where, I expect it shall remain. It was a thoroughly enjoyable build […]

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