Blade 4503d news


I just noticed the Blade 450 page hasn’t been updated since 2011! The little heli hasn’t been forgotten about, I’m currently flying it about twice a week thanks to moving house and finding a lovely field on the way to work. It would be rude not to put at least a couple of packs through. The guys at work find this very amusing, often asking how many packs I put through it each morning, and in the case of the one recent crash, guessing I had stuffed it from my mood on arrival :)


Dynamic-S on Bratton Camp

Following on from the video I shot onboard Roo, I took my new Dynamic-S on maybe its tenth flight at Bratton Camp in Wiltshire. Normally I fly off the slopes to the east and south, but the wind tonight was light and northerly so I used the flat field behind the slopes.  I had the 808 camera with me so I used some velcro to attach it onto the left wing and shot a little video.

Onboard Roo

We are down in Wiltshire at the moment and as ever we brought the boat I built for Edward last year. He loves to take it down to the pond in the pleasure gardens. This time I brought my 808 camera and attached it into the cabin in the boat. The little video we shot is below.


Few little updates:

  • Made a page for the flying sites map, that’ll be the perm home for it.
  • Moved the S-Pou and the LiddleRod to the historic page, reflecting their semi-permanent retirement
  • Created a page for the Pulse 25, my new ARTF hack.

130X New bevel gear

photo 1

As I mentioned a couple of days ago, the Blade 130 had a little argument with a patio and stripped a couple of teeth from the  bevel gear which feeds power to the tail rotor. Thanks to quick delivery from Fast Lad a new, upgraded metal gear has arrived.

Tonight I sat down to fit the new gear and tail, this is where I made a small mistake which cost me about an hour of time, but thankfully no damage to the heli. I now know that to replace the bevel gear you can simply disconnect the swash from the head, remove a couple of screws and yank the head and main shaft straight out of the heli. I tried this, but it didn’t feel like the main shaft was going to part company from the main drive gear at the bottom. So I decided the only way forward was to separate the two chassis halves and take the shaft out that way.

photo 3

DON’T DO THAT! Of course does work, but it is one hell of a job. The proper way is shown in the video below, oh well it’s back together and flying OK. At least I learnt a bit about how it is all held together ;)

Blade 130X

photo (1)

Between house moving noise and a silly busy period at work, I’ve not been getting out much. The Tuc is seeing some progress in the evenings, but that has been about it. The clocks went forward a couple of weeks ago, bringing lighter evenings but since then we have had seriously strong gales. This week however we have been graced by a nice spot of low wind and sunshine.

As a result I’ve been getting out into the garden with the 130x almost daily, most times putting all three batteries through it.  I’m getting a pleasant 6 mins out of the two Overlander batteries, with the charger reporting about 300/350 mAh going back in so they could be pushed even more.

Last night I had a little crash which snapped off the lower 2/3 of the tail fin, so I’ll have to order a new one and I have stripped a couple of gears on the main bevel gear which feeds power to the tail shaft. I’m going to replace it with the metal optional part (BLH3735). Even with a few teeth and the fin gone she flys just fine though!

Diamond Demon build – part 9

dsc_9604Well, I’m pleased to say that after 8 months she is finished! Weighing in at 550 grams gives me a little under 100 watts per pound, so that should be plenty for a little vintage model. I took her over to the flats today for a maiden but it was a bit too windy for me to want to chance it.

I’ve sort of fallen out of love with it over the months, it was a struggle to push myself to finish it. The covering was the final annoyance, the Litespan not shrinking enough for some of the curves, and then after I added the blue trim to the front of the fuselage I ran out of balsaloc. Being too tight to buy a new tub just for a few strips on the wings and tail I ended up painting those, which moderate success!

I’m pleased I’ve finished before starting on the next one, I don’t want to end up with a few unfinished models hanging around the place, beside which, I’ve got no space for the ones that are finished as it is :)

I’ll write some more once she has flown.

Right, NEXT!