Both of the kids have been enjoying racing their B64 at our local buggy track recently, however my daughter has been having some issues steering properly around some of the tight corners. This weekend we thought we would practice a bit in a local car park. She has had my M05 on a shelf in her bedroom for a couple of years, lovingly referring to it as ‘My Mini’ :), and often asks if we can take it out so we figured it would be cool to take it out and let her race around some cones. We grabbed some little cones from the garden to mark out a track and set off for a carpark I thought would be deserted. She had loads of fun driving around, getting better as time went on.

I shot a little video of her early on in the morning, you can see she is clearly having difficulty in keeping the car going the way she wants it! But things improved the more laps she did.

I took over control for a bit and I have to say, compared to the buggys I found the handling of the M05 very different, being just 2WD and front wheel drive at that, it is a very different beast. I do wonder if practicing with the Mini will not help her when she comes back to driving the buggys so next time out I’ll swap the Ballistic Buggy Spike tyres on their B64 with a set of Proline Side Locks I have spare.

They are the closest I have to an ‘on road’ tyre, and will save the soft spikes from being worn down on the harsh tarmac of a carpark. We also destroy a couple of the little Nerf cones, so we’ll have to find something else to mark out a track. Hopefully we’ll get out again soon!